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SkinPen® is a state-of-the-art micro needling device designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. SkinPen® is the key to keeping your skin looking younger for longer.

Dermapen Skin Needling Sydney

Pen skin needling heals and minimises the appearance of wrinkles, facial ageing, stretch marks, pigmentation and scar tissue. Like all skin needling methods, a course of treatment is advised to preserve long-term results. At Dr Saras &Co, we use a state-of-the-art method of facial needling available at our clinics located in Annandale, Double Bay and Miranda.


Prevent and remove signs of ageing naturally without surgery and minimal downtime.


We only use TGA cleared and registered and approved products.


Highly trained medical team for professional treatments

High Powered Performance

SkinPen® is a medical micro-needling (or skin needling) device. Micro-needling is a form of collagen induction therapy, using tiny needles to stimulate the body’s natural wound healing response. In this response, new tissue and skin cells are formed, producing significant improvements to the tone and texture of the skin.

Medical Grade

SkinPen® is a medical microneedling device that induces collagen production, which helps diminish skin concerns. Along with addressing common signs of ageing, microneedling is also ideal for melasma as well as surgical and acne scars. During a typical treatment, a pen-like device is attached to a disposable cartridge, which contains a series of small needles. As the device moves across the skin, it creates small microinjuries, which aren’t visible to the naked eye. These small punctures encourage tissue regeneration, which gradually improves the appearance of the skin. This tissue regeneration process is referred to as collagen induction therapy (CIT).

TGA Cleared

SkinPen® is the only needling device recognised by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and can only be administered by medical practitioners, ensuring the highest class of sterility and depth precision. Compared to other needling treatments, SkinPen® is safer, producing more dramatic results, with less downtime.


Enlarged Pores

Coarse Skin Texture

Uneven Skin Tone

Oily & Congested Skin

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Brown Spots

The Dermapen utilises electronically filled automation with an ergonomic vacillating wand. The vibration reaction raises procedural comfort while forming small revitalising pathways as it moves over the epidermis. The flexible treatment depths support targeted accuracy that heal various skin problems and all in one session.


How Does Dermapen Work?

Dermapen treatments form minute fractional pathways into the surface of the skin. This action triggers a natural healing process encouraging the skin to heal. The production of collagen is encouraged. The skin’s natural process is then increasingly normalised and strengthened promoting regeneration.


While you are having the Dermapen treatment, you may feel a mild sting when the pen moves over the epidermis. Different to other types of skin needling, the Dermapen only takes about 15 minutes to complete. The pen can treat all facial areas and contours even the upper lip and under the eyes which is normally hard to treat in other skin needling treatments. After treatment, your skin will look and feel like you have a mild sunburn; the redness normally lasts for a couple of days.

Low cost
 Minimises the risks of cross-infection
 Helps to prevent unnecessary laser treatments
 Provides adjustable needle depth
 Increases speed and large areas can be covered in less time
 Adaptable and comfortable
 Discomfort and pain are considerably reduced
 Non-invasive and non-surgical procedure

What Can Dermapen Treat?

Dermapen skin needling is the number one procedure to prompt new collagen. Sagging contours, wrinkles, fine lines and tired skin are noticeably revitalised and tissue damage is restored with new collagen to minimise the look of uneven skin tone. Skin needling is also efficient solution for age spots and pigmentation.

The Dermapen treatments pen-sized device corrects the face and neck accurately and effectively.

Different to other skin needling treatment, the vacillated motor depletes nerve receptors ensuring a comfortable and painless treatment. For more in-depth needling methods, an anaesthetic cream is applied half an hour before treatment begins. This minimises any discomfort or sensitivity for the patient; mild vibrating is the only sensation felt with very light pressure. The treatment is well tolerated by most patients.


Most patients respond well to skin needling treatment, with natural and rejuvenating results. Any discolouration can be reduced, as well as lines and wrinkles diminished. Any tired looking skin can be refreshed and other signs of aging can be reversed. This is achieved by the Dermapen’s triggering of natural collagen production that can lower as we get older.

In addition, since there is minimal downtime associated with skin needling, most patients are able to leave the clinic straightaway after treatment. You can return to your daily routine and go back to work immediately. There is no scarring associated with Dermapen, as it only penetrates the epidermis, which can heal quickly. There is only a slight redness after treatment, which will reduce within 24 hours of treatment and reveal an improved complexion.

While the results of skin needling are positive, every patient will respond differently to treatment. To gain a better idea of what Dermapen and skin needling can do for you, as well as find out more about the procedure, you can book your skin needling consultation with us today.


Skin Needling


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Skin Needling Consultation