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Skin Peels (Chemical) Sydney

Chemical skin peels encourage the growth in cell turnover, which enhances the production of elastin and collagen; stimulating the growth of new skin. Along with correcting pigmentation, acne and other skin problems, chemical peels also help the skin become more responsive to products, granting deeper penetration and effective absorption.


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What You Can Expect

Peels are applied in different strengths and administered at varying depths depending on the patient’s needs. Deeper peels use stronger chemical solutions and require longer recovery times than lighter peels.


During treatment, a chemical solution will be applied to the skin. Patients may feel a tingling sensation as the solution is working on the skin. But, this treatment is usually well tolerated by most patients. Most sessions last about 20 minutes.


The skin can appear slightly red and may sting after receiving a chemical skin peel. This should not alarm patients and this normally resolves within 48 hours of treatment. There is minimal downtime associated with skin peels and you will be free to leave the clinic after the treatment. You can return to your daily routine and go back to work straight away.

The Benefits of Skin Peels

Acne, sun damage, clogged pores and ageing all contribute to damaged skin, which can make the skin look wrinkled, dull, scarred or spotty. A chemical peel can significantly enhance the appearance of the skin on the hands, neck, and face.

Chemical peels effectively minimise or eliminate the following skin issues:

  • Acne
  • Irregular pigmentation
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • Post acne scarring
  • Freckles
  • Rough patches and dry skin
  • Dark circles under the eyes

At Dr Saras & Co we Offer the following chemical peels:

Obagi Blue Radiance Peel:

This chemical skin peel will be performed by a professional based on consultation. A professional will decide the appropriate number of coats that will be applied to the skin, with the acid solution staying on for around 10-12 mins. The Obagi Blue Radiance Peel works to diminish wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin, reveals a brighter and younger complexion.

Jan Marini Medical Peel:

This chemical skin peel will be performed by a professional based on consultation. The Jan Marini Medical Peel is recommended for patients that wish to reverse visible signs of aging and experience healthier and brighter skin. The solution works to renew and encourage youthful looking skin with a combination of effective acid solutions.

Pumpkin Peel:

This leading exfoliation treatment incorporates salicylic, glycolic and lactic acid in a 40% pumpkin pulp base. Excellent for age management, acne and rejuvenation.

Mango Peel:

Vitamin C, Orange Plant Stem Sells, 40% mango pulp, and beta-carotene are blended with 30% lactic acid to reduce puffiness, firm the skin and increase collagen stimulation. Mango peels are recommended for all skin types; this treatment will soften skin texture, hydrate and brighten skin tone. Helping to lighten epidermal pigment while refining the skin surface; maximising skin health.

30% Glycolic with Stem Cells:

This glycolic treatment features plant stem cells. Stem cells block irritation minimising downtime, and sensitivity. This treatment is perfect for instantly revitalising the skin.


  • Improves skin hydration
  • Supports barrier function of the skin
  • Reduces existing acne and helps in preventing new acne from developing
  • Lightens pigmentation and smooths skin tone
  • Refines wrinkles


At Dr Saras & Co, our chemical peels offer a powerful balance of organic ingredients and today’s latest skin care advances to refresh your skin, soothe your mind and empower your spirit. If you would like to find out more, come in today for a consultation and let our team guide you on the best combination for your skin.

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