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The cheek filler procedure raises the volume of the cheek region around and above the cheekbones. This accentuates the appearance of the cheekbones. Besides adding volume beneath your skin, cheek fillers can also smooth lines and wrinkles.

Cheek Fillers in Sydney


Natural cheek volumising safely without surgery or downtime.


We only use medical grade registered and approved devices.


Highly trained medical team for professional treatments



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Candidates for Cheek Fillers

Patients who want to improve the shape and size of their cheeks may be suitable for cheek filler treatment. Individuals who have cheek abnormalities can also obtain significant enhancement with zero pain, recovery or risk.

Enhance your features

One of the main effects of ageing and weight loss is that our cheeks lose their natural volume. Cheek fillers can enhance cheekbone projection, improve facial symmetry, and restore facial volume instantly. Most of our patients pick temporary injectable fillers for cheek enhancement because they provide safe, efficient and non-surgical cheek augmentation with minimal risk.

Injectable or dermal fillers rejuvenate the face and are now used by both men and women as an alternative to cosmetic surgery. Combined with preventative wrinkle and anti ageing treatments, this is an efficient, non-invasive treatment option for many individuals.

After treatment the cheekbones become more noticeable, the nose to mouth folds soften, and the skin appears tighter. Cheek fillers can help to beat the signs of ageing.



Lip Fillers restore and increase volume, hydration, structure, and balance to the lips.

Want to Know More?


    Post Treatment

    There is no downtime associated with cheek fillers. This means that you are free to leave the clinic when you are ready and return to your daily routine. In addition, cheek fillers are normally well tolerated by patients. But, every patient is different and can react different to the procedure. This means that side effects are rare, but there is a possibility of slight swelling, redness, pain or bruising. If bruising and swelling materialise, this is normally experienced when there are multiple injections sites and a few days after the cheeks have been filled. But, these side effect should clear up on their own. We recommend refraining from using medications that may encourage bruising like anti-inflammatories, aspirin, herbal supplements and vitamin E.


    The results of cheek fillers can be realised immediately, with more volume and visible plumpness. That means that patients can enjoy full cheeks and a youthful complexion.


    If you would like to find out more about cheek fillers and how they can restore natural volume to your cheeks again, you can contact Dr Saras & Co today. By arranging your consultation with a professional, you can gain a better picture of what this treatment can do for you.

    The Procedure

    • When considering cheek injection treatment, you should only trust experts with proper training and experience. At Dr Saras & Co, we have the highest standards of certification and training, and we make sure that all of our clients leave our clinics located in AnnandaleDouble Bay and Miranda with the most natural-looking results.


      During your initial consultation all of your concerns are addressed and your specific goals are set. Any medical issues are discussed, and a thorough examination is performed. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about dermal fillers and have your queries answered by a professional. A treatment plan will be customised to meet your needs. One of Dr Saras & Co’s highly skilled clinicians will perform the cheek filler treatment. This is a non-invasive procedure, which means there is no need for a general anaesthetic.


      A local anaesthetic cream will be used on the skin to numb it and ensure patient comfort during the injections. Most patients report no pain during the treatment and only slight discomfort. The dermal filler will be lightly massaged once it is underneath the skin to make sure there is equal distribution to the cheeks and to achieve the desired volume and shape.


      The procedure normally takes 30 minutes, but the length of the treatment all depends on the number of injection sites and cheek fillers used. You can find out exactly how long it will take at your consultation.