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Skin concerns

Your skin’s condition is affected by a number of factors, including ethnicity, age, heredity, environmental factors (personal habits, diet and sun exposure). At Dr Saras & Co we offer a wide range of treatments for a variety of skin concerns with proven results including; facial tightening and contouring, fractional laser skin resurfacing, and skin needling.

Over time, the skin’s structure breaks down, depriving our skin of youthful volume and definition. Facial tightening and contouring reduces wrinkles and lines and also gives a lift to the face. This breakthrough technology tightens and lifts the skin giving you a youthful appearance. During your consultation, at Dr Saras & Co, we will discuss our facial tightening and contouring options available at our clinics in Miranda, Double Bay and Annandale.

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing is an innovative specialised skin revitalisation treatment that can fight the signs of ageing while at the same time correct sun damage, fine lines, pigmentation and open pores. The fractional laser used is a precise device that can be used on small areas of skin. The laser pulse forms microscopic holes through the upper two layers of skin and then provokes your body’s natural healing processes, so healthy new skin tissue can grow from the corners of the tiny hole that the laser has created.

Skin Needling is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment for facial rejuvenation that works by using a micro-needling device to generate controlled skin injury. The intention of Skin Needling is to encourage the body’s collagen growth to minimise the noticeable appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, scarring and stretch marks. Skin Needling is cost effective, productive and causes no damage to the skin.

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