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Lip Enhancement Treatment and Fillers Sydney

As we age, it is natural for our lip volume to decrease due to a number of reasons, such as smoking, bone mass loss, ageing and loss of fat and collagen. But, with lip enhancement treatment at Dr Saras & Co, you can restore the volume to your lips and achieve a natural and youthful appearance.


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Natural Looking Lip Augmentation

At Dr Saras & Co, we understand how important facial balance, proportion and harmony is, which is why we use dermal fillers to treat lip volume loss.

Dermal fillers are injected into and around the lips to improve size and shape. Volume can be restored by injecting added volume straight into the lips, over the edge or under the vertical lines.

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A dermal filler is a naturally derived substance (hyaluronic acid) that is injected into the skin with the purpose of plumping the area to the point where the fold, depression or wrinkles are eliminated. It helps hydrate the skin by retaining water and combining elastin with collagen to provide enhanced volume and structure.

Using dermal fillers to repair lip volume, corrects the vertical lines and reinvents the border of the lip; this creates a much more youthful definition and improves vitality to the treated area.

Lip Enhancement (Lip Fillers) In Sydney - Dr Saras & Co

Benefits of Using Dermal Fillers for Lip Enhancement

Non-invasive and non-surgical
Quick procedure
Control over lip volume
Gradual pace of treatment
Bumps dissolve easily
Reasonably long-lasting results

What to expect during Lip Enhancement Treatment

During the procedure, fillers using a fine needle are inserted into the lip. To ease discomfort, a local anaesthetic can be used to help numb the area. Numbing creams are also available, however, often just icing the area prior to the procedure is enough. In general, this treatment is well tolerated by patients and every effort to made to make sure patients are as comfortable as possible during the procedure.


Dermal fillers are inserted into the edge of the lips to redefine them. To enhance lip size, the fillers are injected into the body of the lips. The volume of the lips can vary from a subtle enhancement through to bigger lips depending on the volume and product used. The dermal filler will be lightly massaged to make sure there is equal distribution to achieve the desired shape. This procedure normally lasts around 30 to 45 minutes in total.


There is no downtime associated with dermal fillers and lip enhancement. Most patients leave the clinic straight after treatment and return to their normal routine. This is why the procedure is nicknamed a ‘lunch time treatment’, as you can return to your work immediately. Patients may experience slight swelling of the lips after treatment, as well as potential bruising around the injection sites. However, this will fade itself within 24 hours of treatment and should not alarm patients.


The results of lip enhancement should be realised immediately after the procedure, with enhanced fullness and a natural appearance. The amount of time that dermal fillers will last will vary from patient to patient, as it is a temporary treatment. You will be able to gain a better idea of what you can expect during a consultation with a professional.


At Dr Saras & Co, we are experts in listening our patients needs and respecting the results you want to achieve. During your consultation, we will go over the lip enhancement treatment process. Consultations are available in our clinics located in Annandale, Double Bay and Miranda.

Lip Augmentation Before and After

If you would like to find out more about lip enhancement and what this treatment can do for you, you can contact a professional at Dr Saras & Co today to book a consultation.

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