Pigmentation & Freckles

Skin Blemishes

One of the most common skin blemishes we treat in our clinic is hyper-pigmentation or dark spots on the face and body. These spots are typically the result of picked acne or other scars which have been exposed to the sun. Sun exposure causes our body to increase melanin (tanning cell) production. Sometimes hormone changes will also incur excess pigment (Melasma; also known as mask of pregnancy). Other spots include general skin ageing such as Liver Spots, likely to occur particularly over the age of 40.

The Consultation

During a consultation our teams will create a custom program of in-clinic Treatments and Home Care tailored to your specific needs.
Treatment Options include IPL, Picosure, BBL and medical skin peels. As essential is our treatment programs are home care when treating pigmentation as exposure to the sun results in pigment re-occurring once treated. Our Ultra Brightening Serum not only reduces existing pigment, but also prevents new pigment from forming. We also recommend Dermaquest Anti Ageing tinted SPF or Dermaquest Daily Moisturising Lotion as a crucial step in your home routine.