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Dr Saras & Co have the latest and most-effective method of skin revitalisation with a wide range of skin benefits available today. We use the PicToning laser to permanently remove pigmentation due to scarring, melasma, freckles, sun damage and brown birthmarks. This same revolutionary technology also enhances the clarity of skin by improving the texture of scarring and minimising pore size and the appearances of wrinkles

How PicoSure Works

Using highly targeted energy, PicoSure gently disturbs the particles responsible for a variety of pigment conditions like sunspots, freckles and other discolouration.
Other lasers promise to treat blemishes, acne scars and wrinkles. But only the PressureWave technology of PicoSure can deliver impressive results without any pain or downtime.
With PicoSure, no special preparation is required and the procedure generally take 10 – 15 minutes to complete. After treatment, most patients experience only 1-3 hours of minor swelling and redness. Patients can use moisturisers, make-up and sunscreen right after treatment.
PicoSure is more convenient than ever before. The fast and gentle treatments mean you don’t need to disrupt your busy life to achieve real improvements.
Your skin will continue to improve weeks after the initial treatment.

Pigmentation Removal

PicoSure technology shatters the darker pigmentation into tiny particles which are then swept away naturally by the body’s immune system. This treatment is suitable for most skin types and colourings.


Pulses from the PicoSure laser can lead to new collagen and elastin production; reducing unwanted signs of ageing, including wrinkles around your eyes and mouth. With only one treatment, you can diminish the deepest wrinkles — with minimal downtime and long-lasting results.

Acne Scarring

There is hope for acne scarring in the form of PicoToning – a non-ablative laser treatment that can significantly improve the appearance of your acne scarring. At Dr Saras & Co we can treat the face and most areas of the body.

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Wrinkles, pores & elasticity

Whatever reason you choose to have PicToning, you will also receive the benefit of reduced pore size, improved skin clarity and elasticity. PicoSure is a revolutionary technology with proven clinical results in the hands of highly experienced professionals with a passion for helping people look and feel their best.

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