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Cellulite, dimples, orange peel skin…call it what you will, most of us have it! With up to 90% of women suffering from cellulite, it’s a very common skin concern. You may have tried dry brushing, massage, diet, exercise, lotions or any number of other “remedies” to try and improve the appearance of cellulite, only to be disappointed.


Dr Saras & Co offer the leading, clinically studied skin tightening and cellulite treatment in Sydney. The Onda body contouring system is cutting-edge technology for non-invasive cellulite treatment and skin tightening with no downtime. For more information or to book your free consultation with Dr Saras & Co, call (02) 9692 9929 or request a consultation online.


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What causes cellulite?

The lumpy, dimpled appearance that skin gets, most often on the buttocks and thighs, is referred to as cellulite. Cellulite is the result of enlarged fat cells pushing up and out against the skin, whilst the connective tissue between the fat cells pulls down, causing the dimpled appearance. Being overweight is one contributing factor for cellulite, however women who are active and eat a healthy diet can also be affected. Poor circulation, inactivity, hormones, ageing, toxins and genetics can all play a role in the development of cellulite. Cellulite can cause emotional distress and is one of the most common concerns that women seek treatment for.


Cellulite treatment with Onda CoolwavesTM

Onda is the only system that uses Coolwaves™ technology to selectively target fat cells. It works in three ways:

  • targets localised fat deposits
  • treats cellulite
  • tightens skin


Coolwaves™ penetrates deeply, disrupting the subcutaneous fat cells. The released fat is then processed by the body’s normal metabolic processes.


Coolwaves™ can be used to treat all stages of cellulite, from mild (stage 1) to advanced (stage 3) cellulite. It targets the connective tissue in addition to fat cells to tighten and smooth the skin.


The treatment tightens lax skin by inducing shrinkage of the collagen fibers in the dermis and stimulating the production of new collagen.


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Onda Coolwaves Before & After Photos

Onda Coolwaves before and after photo sydney 4-min

*Before and after photos are actual Onda Coolwaves patients. However, results may vary from patient to patient.

Onda Coolwaves before and after photo sydney

*Before and after photos are actual Onda Coolwaves patients. However, results may vary from patient to patient.

*Before and after photos are actual Onda Coolwaves patients. However, results may vary from patient to patient.


Frequently Asked Questions


How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments that you will need depends on the area(s) to be treated and the extent of your cellulite and skin laxity. Some patients may only need 1 treatment, whilst others may need 4 or 5. We offer a complimentary consultation so you can find out how many treatments you will need for your particular skin condition.


What areas can be treated?

Cellulite treatment and skin tightening at Dr Saras & Co can be done on the buttocks, thighs, knee area, abdomen, arms and flanks.


Is there downtime or recovery post treatment?

There is no downtime or recovery associated with this treatment. Patients can go back to their normal activities after treatment.


How does the treatment feel?

The treatment feels like a deep tissue massage.


How long does treatment take?

This is a walk-in, walk-out treatment lasting 20-30 minutes, depending on the area(s) to be treated.


What is the next step?

The next step is to book a free consultation to have your skin analysed and discuss your skin concerns with our highly trained medical team. To book your consultation, call Dr Saras & Co on (02) 9692 9929 or book a free consultation.

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