Red Capillary Removal

Red Capillary Removal in Sydney at Dr Saras & Co Cosmetic Clinics

Red capillaries appear mostly on the face where the skin is exposed to environmental chemicals and toxins. Although this condition isn’t necessarily harmful, it can create unattractive veins that appear on the skin.


Many factors can lead to this condition, and any individual who has suffered from it knows that red capillaries don’t disappear on their own. However, at Dr Saras & Co, we have a treatment available that corrects this condition and veins become less noticeable. It is called red capillary removal and is offers at our clinics.


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What Causes Red Capillaries?

Some of the causes of red capillaries include natural ageing, genetic and environmental factors. Red capillaries are more prone to develop in individuals with skin problems like severe acne or rosacea as well as people with sensitive skin. Fair skinned individuals are more likely to develop red capillaries particular on the face, but anyone can develop this condition.


Red capillaries materialise when the wall of the vein carrying the blood to the skin depletes and becomes more noticeable. These walls often become weakened from a rapid contraction and expansion caused by several factors including extreme temperatures and excessive use of alcohol and tobacco.

Red Capillary Removal Treatment

The most efficient way to treat red capillaries is by laser therapy. During laser treatment; light pulses are transmitted into the veins, which block their blood flow and gradually damage them. After multiple treatments, the treated veins break away from the skin’s surface, leaving the skin smooth and free of blemishes.

red capillary removal Sydney - Dr Saras & Co

Laser treatment can be used in nearly any part of the body to remove red capillaries. The procedure is administered on an outpatient basis at our clinic and recovery time is relatively quick.


The procedure itself is well tolerated by patients and it is considered a painless and comfortable procedure. Patients can experience a slight warming of the skin during the treatment, but this should not be uncomfortable. There is no need for an anaesthetic or any cooling gel to be applied to the skin. Treatment normally lasts around 30 minutes.


There is no downtime associated with red capillary removal. Most patients are able to leave the clinic straight after their treatment session and return to their normal routine and work. You may experience a slight redness on the skin where there has been laser therapy. But, this normally fades away itself after a few hours of receiving treatment.


The results of red capillary removal can be released fully within a few weeks of treatment. Some smaller veins can disappear during the treatment, but others will take a little time to disappear. The number of treatment sessions that a patient will need will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the veins and degree of redness. This means that treatment sessions will vary from patient to patient. On average, it can take one to three treatment sessions to achieve desired results. But, this will be discussed in more detail on an individual basis with a professional during consultation.

Why Should You Choose Dr Saras & Co for your Red Capillary Treatment?

Here at Dr Saras & Co, we are here to provide Medical and Cosmetic treatments of the highest standard in our clinics located in Annandale, Double Bay and Miranda. Treatment for red capillary removal is administered by our dedicated team of caring experienced female doctors, nurses and skin therapists.

If you would like to find out more about red capillary removal and how this treatment can benefit you, you can contact a professional at Dr Saras & Co today to arrange a consultation.

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