Microdermabrasion Sydney

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a fast, non-invasive skin treatment perfect for refining, cleaning and smoothening the skin. Using micro massage, the procedure gets rid of the surface layer of dead skin and prompts healthy reactions in the deeper layers resulting in soft and hydrated skin that glows.


A hand-held device with an exfoliating diamond tip is brushed over the skin two or three times, fanning in air which creates a vacuum motion when the device touches the skin. While the exfoliating tip passes over the skin’s surface, it gathers up the dead skin cells, and discards of dry skin while cleansing the skin’s texture.


The microdermabrasion machine can treat different skin types and thicknesses, allowing it to help with various concerns, like congestion, acne, wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, and flaky skin. Micro-dermabrasion can also prompt active skin products, such as Vitamin C and collagen, to work in half the time. Depending on the area being treated, it can take as little as twenty minutes to complete.


During your consultation, at Dr Saras & Co, we will go over everything you need to know about the microdermabrasion treatment available in our clinics located in Annandale, Double Bay and Miranda. Our experienced clinicians will guide you through the process, explaining how dramatic improvements in skin conditions can be met.


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What is microdermabrasion used for?

• Revitalising a dull appearance
• Enhancing and maintaining skin
• Minimising excess oil production
• Refining fine lines (mild rejuvenation)
• Treating and managing keratosis pilaris symptoms
• Treating dull, stressed, and congested skin
• Controlling clogged pores
• Treating the symptoms of mild acne
• Increasing the penetration of active skin ingredients
• Treating sun-damaged skin
• Scar reduction

Microdermabrasion Sydney - Dr Saras & Co

What areas of the body can microdermabrasion be used on?

Microdermabrasion can be used on nearly all areas of the body. The most common treatment areas include the face, décolletage and neck, upper arms and upper back.

How much downtime is there?

Microdermabrasion causes minimal discomfort to the patient. The treatment is well tolerated and it is not described as painful. You may feel a slightly tingling sensation on your skin during the procedure, which can be similar to sand paper rubbing against the skin. Microdermabrasion is a gentle treatment and one of the professionals at Dr Saras & Co will make sure the procedure is not harsh on your skin and that you are as comfortable as possible.

How many sessions of microdermabrasion will I need?

The number of microdermabrasion sessions that you will require will depend on your skin and your goals. Normally, a number of sessions will be beneficial over a selected period of time to keep the skin glowing and youthful in appearance. Every session lasts around twenty minutes and can be performed every two to three weeks. The number of sessions normally ranges from six to twelve. A professional from Dr Saras & Co will be able to discuss this with you in more detail at your individual consultation.


If you would like to find out more about microdermabrasion and whether this is the right treatment for you, you can arrange a consultation with a professional at Dr Saras & Co today.

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