Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Sydney

Excessive hair growth can occur in both men and women, but is more noticed in women.

Dr Saras & Co offer effective long-term laser hair removal results available in our clinics located in Annandale, Double Bay and Miranda.

During Your First Appointment

Before your first treatment, you will need to schedule a consultation with one of our clinicians. This is necessary to assess your hair and skin type, your suitability for treatment and to discuss how to prepare your skin for the best possible outcome.

How Treatment Works

A concentrated beam of light is aimed at hair. The absorbed light heats the hair, which damages the ability of hair follicles to grow — all without causing any damage to surrounding tissue.

Before treatment you will need to shave the area (avoid using wax or depilatory creams). We recommend shaving 24 hours before your appointment to avoid any skin irritation.

Your hair removal clinician will map the area, marking parameters to make sure that there is thorough treatment coverage. A cold gel is applied to the area and laser hair removal is performed within a sequence.

The gel is then removed and aftercare is applied, along with an SPF. Hair will then shed from the follicle within 7-14 days, although in some cases this may take longer.

Post Treatment

The appearance of the treated area right after the hair removal treatment varies from patient to patient. Patients may see some minor swelling or redness on the treated area, this is a sign that the hair follicle has responded well to the treatment.


Treated areas may look “sunburnt” right afterwards; applying cold compresses will ease any swelling and discomfort. Your skin will be sensitive for the first 48 hours after the laser hair removal treatment. Avoid applying makeup to the area and stay out of the sun as much as possible. To prevent sunburn or discolouration use sunscreen on the treated area.


During the next few weeks after treatment, the treated hair will fall out gradually on its own. Hair grows in different phases and a laser can only affect the active growing hair follicles. Therefore, multiple sessions are normally needed to destroy hair in all growth phases. Treatments should be every 4-6 weeks, but we will advise you according to your skin and hair type.