Chin Fat Removal Sydney

Chin Fat Removal Sydney

A revolutionary new treatment was recently approved for use in Australia. The treatment allows for the removal of unwanted submental fat without any surgery — now all it takes is a tiny injection to reshape your sagging chin. Due to strict Therapeutic Goods Administration Laws, we are not able to advertise the brand name of this product as it is a prescription only medication.


This fat dissolving treatment consists of a substance called deoxycholic acid; an acid that naturally occurs in the body. The deoxycholic acid is turned into an injectable substance and, when injected into the fat cells under the chin, it can dissolve and destroy the submental fat cells. When fat cells have been damaged, they can no longer store fat, therefore, minimising the amount of fat tissue in that area.

What Happens During Treatment?

During treatment we will sterilise and mark the area with a special grid to accurately deliver the deoxycholic acid. Small injections with a tiny needle are injected into the submental fat tissue.

After the injections, the treated area can feel prickly and warm. Paracetamol is advised to help relieve any discomfort.

What are the Risks and Side Effects?

As with any cosmetic injectable procedure, there are expected side effects which may include redness, swelling, bruising, discomfort or pain. The swelling may persist for up to 4-6 weeks while the acid is working to dissolve the fat. In the case of this fat removal treatment swelling is a good thing; it means the fat dissolving treatment is working!

Occasional side effects of this treatment may include temporary numbness to the skin under the chin and areas of hardness to the injected area.

Who Should not Receive Fat Dissolving Injections?

Treatment with deoxycholic acid cannot be performed if you have an active infection in the treatment area or if you’re pregnant.

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Just like other injectable procedures such as; wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers, a consultation at Dr Saras & Co is required. During your consultation we will help address your concerns and determine if you are a candidate for chin fat removal treatment.

Consultations are available at our clinics located in Annandale, Double Bay and Miranda.


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